AHHHH "Moronic" Is Here! By Gregory Mannarino

in bitcoin •  10 months ago  (edited)


I LOVE you guys/gals honestly! And thank you for pointing out that this new “Omicron” Covid Variant is in fact an anagram.

Omicron = Moronic.



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Thanks again, sharing the information, Gregory Mannarino --@marketreport.

Thanks you sir for sharing @marketreport

This variant has many mutations inside it, we have to wait for the scientific community to say how dangerous it is.

that should be right.

Is quite funny to here that fabricated new variant of covid.

Sadly this new variant is a reality now.

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You have to wait for more study to be done, in order to establish the level of danger.

Yes, and scientists are disoriented and citizens looking sideways with no answers to these variants.

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Thanks for keeping us updated.

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