The final impulse wave will be vertical in nature...

in bitcoin •  3 months ago 

If history repeats, bitcoin is going to go straight up very soon...

The final impulse wave has always been 5 degrees steeper than the mid cycle impulse wave.

Check it out:



If history repeats we are going to see prices north of $200k by end of January.

Will it happen again?

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I'm more conservative and say we will reach $100k... But we will see bat shit crazy values later next year...

What price do you think we hit on bitcoin next year?

I think on first quarter of 2022 it's possible that we will hit higher than $100K, but less than $200K... But by end of 2022, I think $200K is possible.

Like I said before, we are getting close to point where value of Bitcoin against USD will start to go up exponentially instead of just doubling at constant intervals.

If hyperinflation hits, like some think, yep we will see some big numbers.

You know I've been talking about financial apocalypse since my country started deprecating cash and lowered interest fees to 0%. Since early days, credit card payments have incurred higher fee than cash payments, but now that cash transactions will also have handling fee, credit card fees are going up even higher, instead of going down.

Yea... eventually you and all the bears will be right. Can't go on forever.

People hate fees, they want money to grow... Essentially interest has to be more than the fees...

Much more than fees ideally...

Are you ready for this?

I am.

I am tried of bitcoin retracing every move up.

Whenever bitcoin goes up, it eventually goes back from which it came.

Well almost.

We only got to $30k on that dip from $60k.