The Bank can never go broke... and that's the problem...

in bitcoin •  3 months ago 

Monopoly was wise beyond its years...

Way back before major bailouts QE was a thing in the United States, Monopoly knew exactly what would happen.

In the Monopoly game, it's stated right in the rules that the bank never runs out of money, and if they do they just print more.

Sound familiar?

Monopoly knew what would happen long before the rest of us did...



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Many such cases of little kernels of truth being sown into popular media. Our current financial system being insulated from consequences is absolutely the problem.

Any thoughts on the "buy silver, end the Fed" movement? I'd like to believe that the power to put the screws to them is in our grasp, but I'm not so optimistic.

Wow! The truth is right in front of us, but we couldn’t believe it to be true.