Sweet Run

in bitcoin •  last month 

Hi Friends,

Bitcoin has been a on a sweet run over the last month:


We are hitting all time highs and the best part is that the financial headlines are not overhyping or going berserk about it - means the FOMO has not even sunk in for late comers. This can be attributed to the steady climbs as opposed to huge green shoots.

More and more Bitcoin ETFs are hitting the market, and a bit move in Bitcoin and Ethereum should translate well to altcoins - hopefully that trend continues as well!

Congrats to all,

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Pretty sweet seeing new all time highs!

Yeah, great right!

Very sweet 😎😎

Thank you!

Definitely the btc is on the rise and reaches historical highs, all motivated by the debut in the stock market through an etf. According to experts, the rise will continue until the end of the year, let's hope that happens.

Agreed, let’s hope that happens!

Terimakasih kasih bapak @brian.rrr sangat membantu dalam bidang crypto 👋

Glad you enjoyed!

Hopefully this streak of BTC continues, but the best thing is that SBD and steem can also increase in the coming months.

I hope to see that too my friend!