The following exchanges are going to provide bitcoin cash to anyone who has bitcoin in their account

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The information has been taken from


If you haven't a wallet of your own, sending your coins to an exchange that supports bitcoincash is the next best thing.

Note that HitBTC, also allows people to trade Steem.

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Also - the bitcoincash link posted in the article above has a list of wallets that are compatible with bitcoin cash as well.

I wonder why some exchanges decided not to bother with BCC. Did they intend to keep the proceeds of BCC for themselves? Don't they realize that all they've done is create a run on the exchange?

Are we absolutely sure that bitcoincash is going to happen? This could be a massive hoax designed to make people move coins from some exchanges to other exchanges.

It's definitely going to happen - the nodes are locked in, and they've already mined some BCC blocks.

Well I've moved some coins to Kraken - lets see what happens!

Quick update: - I haven't been able to log into Kraken to sell my coins! And there also appears to be a huge discrepancy in prices between bittrex and kraken.

Wish I'd sent the coins to bittrex instead now.

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