Have you used the hashtag #bilpcoin

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We Have a strong team at bilpcoin let's burn some steem all rewards from this post goes to @null I think everyone on steemit should do a burn post once a day and then the prices should surely rise I know this is kind of a shit short post but let's just burn some steem 100% upvotes please let it burn if you make a burn post please drop a link here and everyone please click on the post links shared well not the post link but users name and find post make sure it's 100% set to null then give it a upvote let's go

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Substandard quality and spam posts. Please don't use neoxian tag for similar content.


It's a burn post if you look

Burn is only for STEEM, not for tokens. Don't include our tag for similar content. Thank you.

Ok sure updated the post would this be ok

It has been updated @turbobro

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