Know the God, who is always with you ...

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Let me explain about the God through the Bible... Who is God?

Yes, The Holy Spirit is God.

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Ok then what is spirit and what is Holy spirit. Let first find ... what is spirit in the Bible. Yes, the word is spirit. What we speak, what the word comes out from our mouth is spirit. This spirit or say word control our body, yes controlling the whole world.

The word is spirit. The word is God.

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This about is, who is controlling our body or the universe. The Word means the Spirit.

What is spirit and what is Holy Spirit?

Spirit means the word we speak as commonly. means there is no clearness in the word, say suppose I ask someone that give me your new dress. It means I ask the new dress...right..., but there is any doubt that he will give me or not, what the man will say me or if he get angry, what ever the thoughts comes, then it is just a spirit. It word or spirit (give me your new dress.) is not clean.

You have to say the word completely clean, mean clean word, then it become Holy spirit, and the Holy spirit always work all the time. It never never fail.

How to get the Holy Spirit? mean how the word become holy, what ever the word comes from you mouth will become holy...

When you meditate everyday.
Never listen the garbage word from TV or Newspaper or somewhere...
Read the Bible everyday with full understanding cause every word that comes from God means Jesus is Holy. Listen the Holy word or read the Holy word, your word will become Holy. Means the Holy spirit will dwell in you.

Thank you my beloved Brothers ... who believe and trust in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


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