The Art of Procrastination.

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I am a habitual and expert chronic procrastinator. I did not realize the true depth of this side of my psyche until very recently when I was exposed to the truth. I have been putting off important things to do with a deadline my whole life. And then chasing after it like a madman, like my whole life depended on it, on that exact moment right before the deadline reaches its end.

How I found out that I had this problem, or a disease (yeah we can call it a disease, one that drags people down and ripping them off of their true potential) is that when the quarantine was initiated, after a day or two later I started to realize, I have absolutely nothing to do. And from that thought, I started to miss doing things, things with importance, real-world values, productive things.


And then it hit me, how I’ve always been mediocre at those things. Because, due to putting those things aside for later again and again and then doing it just before it needed to be done while it turned me into a generic idiot, who runs after the most unimportant things while not putting value to what might be beneficial to him and not in due time.

For example, at my university, not to boast or anything, I had the potential to become the very best among all in my class. I’m a Criminology undergrad, I study the most interesting parts of human nature, crime, and its root causes, CSI and whatnot. Like both macro and micro in terms of Economics. And I knew about so much about those courses before even before I had them.

And kept thinking how the other idiots made it look so easy. And that dubious thought was the thing that got me. Turned ME into an idiot. Kept underestimating things like this assignment is so easy, such an easy course, I’ll study later. And I kept doing it again and again. Until it was all too late. With nothing to recover back to.

And after a while later, while I still had the chance to save my ass my thoughts changed I bit, but I kept procrastinating. Like, I thought and told myself, “I’m done, too late, can’t do anything about it now, so let’s just finish the degree and get out.” And then repeating the same things, PUTTING THINGS ASIDE FOR LATER. While I had the chance at least graduate with some dignity.

Now, when I’m sitting on my ass in my home, I have all the time in the world to just lay off which is like I released a Genie from a lamp and it has granted my wish. To actually land me on my fucking ass for 24x7.

But I learned a pretty heavy lesson from all of this is that,

We do not realize the value of something until we lose it.

So I decided to just write about it. You know, to warn people. Make them aware. If somebody reads and learns from my mistakes that might make their life better in the near future.


You there, whoever is reading this, please do not fall into this vicious cycle. Don’t keep putting things aside. In Shia LaBeouf’s words “Just do it.” Just do it while you can. We humans are so lazy that we can literally procrastinate from anything. Like we have to poop, but this is just too interesting so let’s just hold it in for 2 more minutes. And believe it or not, this increases the probability of colon cancer. I’m not joking. You can search about this online. Like how our simplest of bad habits can result in such dangerous causality.

Take it from a self-proclaimed PhD holder in professional procrastination. let yourself be more productive, work hard and smart, and do it when it’s due. Life will be simpler, better and easier to live.

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I'm a big procrastinator, too, sometimes. I completely understand.

Sadly we all do it, some does it more some less.. I do it up to that point where its becomes very harmful..