If value is just perception, then there must be some value in a piece of paper

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Hello again, dear steem community. I love you all so much and wish the very best to each and every one of you. Recently I've been thinking about how people perceive value and how value is created out of thin air and printed on a piece of paper. The idea of how people find something valuable is really interesting to me and has got me thinking a lot lately.
The whole reason why I'm thinking about this subject is because banks messed something up. My account balance to be exact. Each time I go to an atm and try to view my balance on paper, the numbers are all wrong.
Here are some of the tickets that I have been withdrawing for context:
I don't even have a account in most of these banks, yet the atm still issues these numbers to me. These tickets don't have any terms of what can and cannot be done with it. it just has a a lot of advertising on it as to what bank the ticket belongs to.

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You are wasting a lot of money by depleting your votingpower to 4%. Just saying, i would not do this to my money. I try to never go under 80%

Interesting post and thread...TY for sharing..upvoted and followed

I was thinking the same thing, but this time instead of paper why do some groups place more value over fairer skin? Skin bleaching for instance has become an obsession within many cultures and astonishingly enough in cultures, that have darker shades of skin. Where is this value coming from? Yes, I would understand if the person has a skin condition and skin bleaching would alleviate their skin condition, but why is a lighter or a fairer shade of skin perceived as being of a higher quality within society? They say perception is the best medicine, but it's also important what roles society collectively and some individuals (Hitler, Stalin, Kim-Jung Un) influence another person's perception.

I agree with you whileoutsanch, but it's just a case of these folks having been brainwashed through the ages. I know that in India for example, people with fairer skins are indeed perceived as being of a higher class within that society. It is really stupid if you ask me, but I am not from a culture with that "problem" so my opinion won't really count.
In fact, the only way you will get a real answer to your question is to ask someone who lives and breathes in a culture with those perceptions...

What makes something valuable - beyond its actual value as a item - is the belief of the people that its valuable. Hence the term fiat money for nonsubstancial money (latin: fiat = faith, belief).
As long as the people have faith in a currency, it works all nicely, especially for the government and the banks. Everybody accepts that a little piece of paper can buy food, cloth or pay the rent.
But if this faith is damaged, things can turn ugly very quickly. If people start to think that their money has no value anymore - like it easily happens in a inflation - a downward spiral begins. Then a bread or a chicken is much more worth than a box full of bank notes.

the banks are REALLY good at making money out of thin air - they literally do it every single day. They are allowed to lend money that they do not have - and once they lend out $100,000 - they actually now have $100,000 of receivables on their books and they can say that are now $100,000 richer because someone OWES them $100,000 - then the government allows them to lend out 10x more than they really have on the books - and the cycle starts all over again - they loan out money that they don't have and suddenly they now have it - PRESTO! it's Magic!!

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And the worst of all is that as the added """"value"""" circulates through the monetary system (not unlike water in the biosphere), someone will actually rely on it. Because, obviously, when the bank forces you to pay an amount, you need to get that amount from somewhere, in order to compensate your loss.

So the artificial gain becomes a true loss of value somewhere, so you literally can't "delete" or "erase" it because that'd be detrimental to someone.

This is how countries' debt accumulates and never stops existing. My country (Hungary) has this issue and the US is at a tough situation with China, as well.

These are the issues that make the rise of cryptocurrencies especially important.

very true words my friend...you make some good points - I've been saying this for years. Our debt system is set up in such a way that it is impossible to ever pay it back.

very new to this but the potential is limitless in other words. Happy to be here and hey one day this will be the future banks (without the greedy part I will hope)

Pretty disgusting! That will be left in the future thanks to this technology.


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Nice post my friend :)

Value is such a strange thing to me. I get it both theoretically and practically, but it's still weird. I don't buy the whole idea that fiat money isn't real because it's not backed by gold, but I do agree that it is a flimsy system that is coming undone. Something has value because people say it has value, and therefore it is real.

What I didn't realize until I was well into my twenties (probably because of the '08 crash) is that banks are businesses. They're not infallible, and their existence isn't permanent. They exist as long as we give them legitimacy and continue to do business with them.

Nie post, @ubg. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank God we have cryptocurrencies! Real value!!


so sweet it's

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Hallo @ubg. Thanks for your post. It reminds me on a deforested area, which is very close to where I am living. I can see this described place every day. It is interesting, how fast the plants are growing again. What amaze me every time I am taking a look to this area is, that most of it was deforested for our paper money. Destroying the beauty and taking away the enery of our nature for getting out some worthless banknotes is one of the result of the system, in which we all are living.

very nice!

true. i hate banks. there are staff working in bank who does not know that it debit and what credit. disgusting services.

I hope it's in the west; you can call the bank and sort it quick?

fuck money, the life of the tree has meaning.

what's happen?

paper is super duper valuable thats why online is better to save the trees and the planet less paper

Value is basically an agreement. If enough people agree that something is valuable to make it useful, it becomes valuable.

These days we have more choice over making those agreements. Soon, when we pay for everything with our crypto-wallet that works like Apple & Android Pay, you can have whichever currencies you like in your wallet according to what you consider valuable, and the person you are paying agrees.

nice post

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Nice post.in idea Bank information. Thanks for sharing


The value of all paper money (fiat money) is based on faith. It is not backed by any physical asset such as gold or silver. Paper money in theory could lose all value over night and it has happened to several countries currencies. E.g. Venezuela and Zimbabwe .

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Yes Banks just do its advertising on the papers...

'reason why I'm thinking about this subject is because banks messed something up. My account balance to be exact' what a fab way to undersell. ;)
I am sorry to hear this.... 💕 Hope you can sort it out :)
Great post :)

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i appreciate your thinking...GO AHEAD BRO

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Value means a trust. If lost confidence, the Value is lost.

Value is what is agreed upon by many people

Existen otros tipos de papeles, cuyo valor muchas veces es incalculable, solo se lo da la persona que los quiere, pongo un ejemplo: Mi primera carta de amor dirigida al amor de mi vida, la guardo con celo y cariño, y es un tesoro para mí, vale mucho más que otros tipos de papeles.

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Some organizations having so much power and turning innocent people into victims. Thank You @ubg for highlihgting this point in our life... more people should be aware...

You are correct. Our financial system of payment is all about trust and perception.
And that can change at any time.


banks are in a desperate scramble. the old days are over and they are grasping at any way to hang on.

I like this post. No... what's it called in steem-it? Content? I'm fairly new to steem-it. To tell you the truth, I have no idea how it works, I have no idea what I'm doing, and I have no "friends" - ya know like Facebook. I find (myself included) that the number of followers is like three times the amount of people one follows. Why is that? Are there "suckers" like a tic to skin? I don't know them. They haven't made an effort to comment or upvote on my 'content'. So why would they follow me if they haven't seen my content, which, I must say, is fairly awesome. (Fairly) So what am I doing wrong?

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Disturbing fact that money is made out of paper and illustrators make them fancy papers, there must be the equal amount of gold with the money papers for it to be valid. But think about this for a sec; there are two times the worth of that real gold if you try to reproduce it by papers. So i guess in earth people, even the governments live on debts. Sorry its tricky to explain but for honesty we should have been walking around with gold and a saw and a measurer.

have you figured this out?

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