sweet strawberry

in ascii •  5 years ago 
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nice art!!!


This remember my old 80's Panasonic 1080 Dot Matrix Printer.


i love 🍓

Spanish/ Español
Hola, me generas mucha curiosidad siempre vez mi contenido así que he pasado por aquí.
He decidido agregarte a mis amigos te apoyo y te sigo @ubg

English/ Inglés
Hello,me very curious, about content so I've here. I have decided to add to my friends I support you and I follow you @ubg

Sometimes, I thought "who made this kind of art for the first place."
Haha. Nice work.
I tried once, but failed.
I think it needs artistic mind which I do not have.

greet dot art

dear @ubg thank you for upvoting me. I got the first upvote from you.

i am also like strawberry.nice post


you are amazing

I like your sweet strawberry art very much.
Thanksgiving is so beautiful art for us to share. ... @ubg

Well done.


UpVoted @ubg for a unique expression of a fruit...

@ ubg amazing


i thankful to you for vote me always @ubg

Super red strawberry

Good one.



This is so nice...thanks too

its really sweet

Good podt

I am interested in your post.

wow so nice

Good art owesome


Hey I am interested in your post , Good Content @ubg


wow, cool!!

Thank You

tasty dots

good job @ubg

Very compliments! You are very good to create strawberries

@ubg looks so old school! it reminds me about yahoo messenger

Great and powerful posting thanku

strabery is tastefull fruite

Tasty 🍓 Delicious 🍓 Yummy ❤️🍓Strawberry 🍓 I ❤️ it

Nice post @ubg

nice artwork



gd post



sooo nice

nice artwork @ubg. Reminds me of Digimon

hey you are my first upvoter EVER!! thanks a ton!

I just started around here, I hope to stay for the long haul! :D

i like strawberry also.... its really tasty and strawberrry is looking so cute and colour is also nice....

This picture must have taken hours to design and execute!
What patience you have!
But no new posts?! WhY?

i love strawberry :)

It's a strawberry, it's digital ... it's art! And I want to eat it.

hahaha :)

sweet work

Ha ha ha brilliant

Wow man this is amazing

good try

Gracias por su voto............bendiciones para usted.-

Thank you for all the times you like my posts I really do appreciate it.

Its great :D
Followed you do the same please we will be active buddies xD

i like it


Good dot strawberry..


It's a great picture. I am always with you.

Its nice!

solidario con quien miro y voto en mi post limber linares tu amigo

Nice sketch..

Great art

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super super super super supr super content,, you are expert in writing,, best of luck,, dear freind @yousafharoonkhan


Very creative...

@ubg mate!! 😅
How do you have so many upvotes?? teach me senpai hehe
ps. nice work of art you got here! haha
Cheers mate!

Entertaining community with quality post, reacting on others post, following and support bloggers ... AND ... time ...

There was that game we played during school lessons "battleships".... :-)

Okay @ubg, is this AI?

All of a sudden I'm craving a pint of organically grown strawberries; and there's not an ounce of color to be found.




Strawberry fields forever.

Nice post upvote me also upvote u leave the comment @ksrinu445

The great art...

nice art...

@ubg. A new way to express things. Upvoted.
Merry Chritsmas

New way ? Ah no , sorry it exists still early 90's :-) Named ANSI art ... google it, you'l find some great things

Thanks for your explanation. I'll look for that. Anyway I like it.
Welcome to steemit and be success.
Have a happy New Year

Happy new years to you too :-)


thanks for upvote me.

Interesting view of strawberries.

I like strawberry's with chocolate

Breathtaking, you really captured the essence of a ripe strawberry

Long ago, really lon I saw an ANSI artist:-) Times of the BBS / bulletin Board systems :-) Where modem were still at 56k bds :-)

Looks great, feels like MS DOS

yummy yummy ! 🍓 I'm hungry now.
Nice work, btw 👍👍

Mmm digiberry!

Thank you for all your support ubg - really appreciated :D

Have a wonderful day!

Good job

Great, I've already voted! Can you help me eliminate your vote from a publication that I deleted and I can not eliminate if it has votes? thank you very much XD

What it this a picture?
Foll back me okay

Hey @ubg, where are you? I miss you. :(

Thanks friend...

Thanks again, buddy.
would you like likes posts in my account?

shape of heart~

can you teach me how to draw my round muscle using this method?

Thanks for the upvote! I was glad to discover your content just now, including ascii art like this. I should consider making it part of my content.