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Olympia is an important archaeological site located on the Peloponnese peninsula. It's one of my favorite places in Greece.

'Corinthian', along with 'Doric' and 'Ionic', is one of these three principal classical orders of ancient Greek architecture. 'Corinthian' was the latest developted of the three and the most elegant.

This is a drawing of an ancient Corintian column that I did in Olympia.

I was deeply touched when I saw this 'sculpture' there. Time has engraved everything on it.


“科林斯” 是希腊古典建筑三大经典柱式之一,其他两种是“多利克”和“爱奥尼”。“科林斯”柱式是三种之中最晚出现,也是最华丽优雅的。



“The Corinthian” ~ charcoal & white pastel on grey paper

“科林斯” ~ 炭笔 & 白粉笔 / 灰色卡纸

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小龙人心里只有铁柱😌果然是宋仲 基 ~

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@also.einstein 亦亦 迎着海啸 开着的士给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


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:) if you do sign up, please let them know that i was the one that invited you :D

gong xi fa cai~

ah... I didn't know that !
Thank you sooooo much for telling me !
I will do it !
Thanks again!


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