Steem Inktober 2019 Event | Winners from Day 11 - 13

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Hey painters, drawers, illustrators, sketchers, cartoonists and creatives out there! Inktober is here and everyone around the web is joining this worldwide event, and Steem is no exception. The Operation Curation and Decentralization (@OCD) partnering with @Creativecoin want you to join and get support for your art pieces!

Check out the Steem Inktober 2019 Event Announcement

This event is for everyone who's a visual artist and wants to join the Inktober event and also for newbies who want to venture into the creative world that is painting, drawing, sketching and anything that's got to do with, you guess it, INK.

Every day our judges will pick the top 3 art pieces from the daily topic - to check the daily topics, please check the original announcement and then, @OCD will publish the winners and remind the artists the topics of the next three days so you can keep up to date.

Remember that if you share your Steem post on your social media accounts, you'll get a higher vote with our trail if you win one of the daily topics!!

This is the fourth edition of the Steem Inktober event, so we will wrap up the winners from day eleven to thirteen.

Please make sure to visit their post and share the love with some comments, votes or resteems! These artists are trully talented and deserve some recognition!

Day 11 - Snow

@doze - This work is a black and white night view of Ribeira, Porto, Portugal

@derosnec - I daresay tufted titmouse birds are the cwootest birbs!

@edouard - “You know nothing Jon Snow”

Day 12 - Dragon

@katharsisdrill - The Dragon I choose was one of the great monsters of Norse mythology

@pipoune - I represented my little owl as an intrepid aventurer :D

@stantastic - First a continuation of the ongoing shenangins of Higgins McClutter

Day 12 - Ash

@derosnec - I've been binge watching Mad Men, and quite frankly I am...

@longer - Oh, I made it in Corel Painter and recorded with Microsoft Expression Encoder 4

@sweettais - I drawed burning phoenix which turns to ashes

Closing Statements

Remember to share your Steem posts on your mainstream social media to get a biger vote in case your art wins one of the daily topics!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and retweet our latest Inktober announcement :)

This concludes the second edition of the Steem Inktober Event. We would like to commend all participants and winners.

We hope you were able to take away something different, fresh, and new from these posts!

The OCD/CreativeCoin teams would also like to thank those that strive to make a difference. As anyone can create a post but only some can create/build value.

Stop by in three days for another edition of #Inktober 2019 Rewards Event!

Keep up the great work creating original content.

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Thank you for mention me.
Congratulations to all nominated :)

Thanks a bunch for the mention, I think the sketch looks better too :P

Great Artwork, Congratulations to all of YOU.
I already joined this contest and Posting daily from 12th.
Is there any need to share my Link? or just tags will work...