Awesome Lifestyle On The Steem Blockchain " The Sticker Wall II- Alfred Hitchcock And GIZMO "

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Hello, dear Steemians


More Art On The Street

Today we continue with colorful pictures.
Normally sprayed but today are adhesive pictures as an art form.
First we see here an Alfred Hitchcock photomontage.
Cool in the 50s wrestler look with a few tattoos.


Next is a " Want More Love " tiger with a hoodie and a mangy mask . Cute is the pixel heart on the sweater.

Next we have a mythical creature which reminds me of Gizmo from the movie Gremlins.
It holds a sports cigarette in its paws and could be a call for legalization.


If you want to know how it will go on tomorrow then you should

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Wow! You had a humorous taste in selecting the sticker wall art :) I hope you have got extra skill in section of art work here and there nowadays

Thanks for the kind visit :-)

The pictures are super!

Thank you :-)

These are cool graffiti works. I will head into the street to see if I could find one.

Thanks for watching.