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I am sitting here trying to write a grant application in 29°C and my brain won't work, so now I have turned to do a bit of (procrastination) clean-up in my drawings folder - Many fine drawings that I ought to just publish as CC-by on my profile... nothing else to use them for.

So now I have made a folder with the drawings featuring my alter ego/psudonym, Katharsisdrill. Creator of CC-by art.

The strange face came from a fast Idea I had when making a Bandcamp-profile. I used a Golden mask from the pre-Spanish South American cultures and a metaldrill with golden titanium coating (to refer to the already strange name). Any deep thinking about it? No.

I am not sure I have found all of them, but I guess this is a representative collection.

Sometimes I wonder what the F*** is going on.

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I always knew you looked like this, right from day you responded when I asked what you looked like, you showed me this and then I knew you looked like this.

I do.

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I love these, @katharsisdrill ! So interesting, like self portraits through comic form, watching your avatar do various things from boozing to arting to cryptocoining XD

Cool pieces <3

:) Thanks, mate!

It's a cool logo and somehow suits you. It's fun that you put me in one of the drawings. I have that one on my wall.

Yes, the Pub!

Oh wow I hadn't realized your avatar actually had a drill bit in it just from seeing it small. That is awesome.

It seems people like the drill :) I made the name first, sort of in distraction, as a fast login name for a long forgotten webpage. I guess it had some sort of symbolic meaning to me - as if you had to drill into the dirty matter to experience the cleansing quality of art. Later when I invented the logo the drill became a real drill, and it all became a little more strange :)


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