The making of the Joyful Kitty [ENG-FR]

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Today #caturday, I present to you my painting "joyful Kitty"Aujourd'hui Chamedi, je vous présente mon tableau "joyful Kitty"
and show you the stages of its realization in pictures 😻et vous montre les étapes de sa réalisation en images 😻

makingof joyfull kitty.jpg

The first phase is executed in the traditional way with my pencils and watercolor pastelsLa première phase est exécutée de façon traditionnelle avec mes crayons et pastels aquarellables
Before applying the color with my pastels, I apply a layer of white gesso to make my background non-porousAvant de placer la couleur avec mes pastels, je passe une couche de gesso blanc pour rendre mon fond non poreux


Once this is done, and without loosing time on the finishing, I go to the digital phaseUne fois cela terminé, et sans faire de finitions, je passe à la phase digitale
I scan my drawing and I start its beauty in Artrage, my painting scanne mon dessin et je commence sa mise en beauté dans Artrage, mon logiciel de peinture.





But I do not stop there because I would like this joyful character to join my prints gallery on Fine Art America,Mais je ne m'arrête pas là car je voudrais que ce joyeux personnage rejoigne ma galerie d'impressions sur Fine Art America,
so I complete this table, still digitally with my tablet ...donc je complète ce tableau, toujours avec ma tablette de façon digitale...



and here is the table for #caturdayet voilà le tableau pour #caturday


It will join its colleagues as soon as possible, that is to say when I will have 5 minutes free 😄Il rejoindra ses collègues dans les plus brefs délais, c'est à dire quand j'aurai 5 minutes devant moi 😄



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Hi Barbara, it was so boring on Steem without your cheerful Artworks and also I miss so much the beauty of Annecy. That is why it was really nice to see this lovely cat and a bird once again here.

I hope you are doing well at your home and stayed healthy in such Quarantine time. It must be nice and warn in Annecy, it is getting better with the whole situation or still a lot of restrictions.

Wishing you nice weekend, Stef1... and @art-venture

Thanks much my dear !;-)
Here is life beautiful as always, but a little more inside-ish...LoL we can always go for a walk but in a restricted area of 1 km from home if it is for the necessary health walking restriction to go out for shopping some food, but of course keep the distance and even if the mask is not mandatory, i wear one in the supermarket because people are not very cautious of the distance 😠 anyway you have to fill a form on your mobile to attest the reason why you go out.
All that apart, I am an introvert that discovered two months ago that I was already living confined and distancing with others, with no social life and perfectly happy with that until I can go to nature going to nature is what I miss the most, fortunately a side of my lake is in my allowed area and we are surrounded by green here in Annecy, so I do not complain too much 🙂
How is this for you @stef1 ? hope you are doing great ! 😘

Thank you for such a nice message, I can imagine that it is almost the same restriction in Europe, my sister who is in Germany she spent her weekend sewing a masks for her two daughters as they were told that the schools may open in near future and kids should have masks so she wanted to do 7 for each so that she does not wash everyday :)

As to Scotland, we are lucky living in such place with little population people really relaxed there are not many people with masks and it is easy to keep social distancing. My work, I might have mention in one of the post I am working for NHS so luckily our hospital is not as busy as in bigger cities in UK, and the number of Corona cases is also lower than in the rest of UK. I am on annual leave from Monday so can really enjoy our garden, there are also few things to do at home. It was very nice to chat to you today Barbara, take care and see you soon...

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How wonderful of you...! thank you much for the curation @stef1 @art-venture and @steemcurator08 , I'm very grateful 😊