The Beautiful Walls Of Kochi

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I love collecting pictures of location or things that have an artistic touch to them. And this is one of the things that I love most about traveling. Last week, I flew down to Kochi (Kerala) to see the famous art biennale and because of the brilliantly planned locations got to explore quite a lot.

As I was going through the pictures today, I thought of gathering the best ones from the 4 days that I spent there and put them up here. Many of them are from the streets and a few from restaurants/cafés. Kochi is truly a must visit for art lovers and beach lovers (obviously). I am glad I spent a few days in Kochi rather than making a packed up schedule by adding too many places.















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Wow! This is an awesome find. I never saw these on my trip to Kochi! Kerala is a very soulful place for art and music. A lot of great talent there. Good job capturing these!

I missed so many other beautiful spaces of wall art even after these. Kochi really surprised me like this. You never know what you are going to find. Even a broken wall can end up surprising you :)
And it's amazing to see people respecting it. Thank you <3

I like the pictures ! Beautyful city...

Hahah Thanks !

really nice pictures on the walls.

Indeed, some beautiful artworks by artists there :)

beatiful car

Hehe yep!

I want to go there...

Oh you definitely should! But try to avoid summers though :)

Very Beautiful !

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Yes, they were :)

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nice hand work. nice decoration. And the last word keep creating. I feel amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you liked it!

👍 👍

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Thanks a lot! Will be doing this soon :)

I Love Street Art !!

That's great :)


Thank you!

They really use art all over the place and that was really great!

Indeed! It was :)