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As the ARK community continues to expand globally, we’re increasing our efforts to harness the talents and skills of individuals who have a desire to spread the word about ARK. Today, we are launching the ARK Advocate Program, an exciting new program designed to give community members that love ARK an opportunity to become officially certified, travel to meetups, earn bounties and most importantly, talk about ARK!

To learn more about the ARK Advocate Program, visit:

Community Outreach

Over the past few months, ARK has made a significant effort to improve our outreach with developers through our weekly AMA’s, Developer Roundtable meetings, and the launch of the Tier 0 Program. Although community developers are an integral part of the ARK Ecosystem, we are keen to ensure that those who have talents in other areas also have a means of contributing in a meaningful way.

What is the ARK Advocate Program?

The ARK Advocate Program is a new initiative that empowers community members to receive certification to represent in an official capacity. This program enables ARK to better recognize, support and collaborate with our community members who wish to contribute to our community growth. Blockchain events, conferences, and meetups are ever-growing in popularity and scope, creating an exciting opportunity for ARK Advocates to step in and discuss all things ARK, hand out swag and earn bounties for doing so!

The ARK Advocate Program will enable community members to travel, host, attend and present at the following events;

  • Community Meetups

  • Small Conferences

  • Workshops (If technical requirements are met)

Through the application and training process, all ARK Advocates will be well equipped with a certification, presentations, and swag to strengthen the ARK message within local communities across the globe.

What are the Benefits?

If you love ARK, becoming an ARK Advocate is the perfect opportunity for you to help ARK succeed. Certified ARK Advocates will have the creative freedom to organize community meetups whether it be with other ARK enthusiasts, people completely new to ARK, or maybe even people new to blockchain technology and crypto in general. How you wish to organize your event is entirely up to you, but we will always be here to help you along. We will help promote your event through our outreach initiatives and provide a budget to ensure that your event is a success.

Explaining ARK’s robust suite of technologies to newcomers can be complex. That is why we have designed a training course that will teach you everything you need to know to be able to properly present ARK in a variety of different environments. By joining the program, you will unlock opportunities to travel, talk about ARK and earn bounties along the way. Who knows, you may even become a guest star on the next ARK Adventure vlog.

How will support the ARK Advocate Program?

The following will become immediately available to all certified Advocates.

  • Official presentation slides on various themes

  • ARK swag kits

  • Official support and promotion of events

  • Event listings on the events page

  • Access to direct communication channels with the ARK Team.

  • Bounties and/or expense reimbursements (amount TBD)

How Does the Process Work?

Become an ARK Advocate in three simple steps:

  1. Create a 2 to 4-minute video telling us about yourself, why you love ARK, and why you would be a great ARK Advocate.

  2. Head over to and complete the application form before the deadline.

  3. Join us in a video conference for a series of group training sessions where we will bring you up to speed, making sure your ARK knowledge is watertight.

The Clock is Ticking

That’s it! Once the certification process is complete, you will officially become a certified ARK Advocate. Application periods for the ARK Advocate Program will be open at specific times throughout each year, so be sure to submit your application before the first deadline!

Submit your application before September 27th 2019, to become one of our very first ARK Advocates.

We are incredibly proud of the talented and resilient community that surrounds ARK. We could not have made it this far in our journey without you.

If you have any further questions on the ARK Advocate Program, you can reach out to the team on Slack or email

For more information, or to start your application to the ARK Advocate Program, please visit:

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