Today's ridiculous thing:

in arizona •  4 months ago 


Arizona has been taking federal pandemic relief aid and using it to fund a program that will give schools money if they eliminate mask mandates, as well as a program that will pay parents to switch away from schools that have mask mandates. (The federal government is now threatening to withdraw that aid.)

So Arizona figured out how to spend pandemic relief money on perpetuating the pandemic. Congrats? I didn't know a virus without any constituents or money could buy off so many politicians.

Two years in, I'm still amazed that this issue became politicized as much as it did. If you asked me in 2019 to guess what issue could unite the deeply fractured American electorate, a pandemic would be right up there with a planet-killing asteroid or an alien invasion for most uncontroversial thing.

FWIW Biden's CDC has been better than Trump's CDC but is still not objectively good. If I were to pick a country that absolutely nailed their COVID response, it would probably be South Korea, followed by Taiwan.

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