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Good day, am @agodaniel32 from Ghana,am here to say thank you for voting on my post on Thursday, I really appreciate it



That animal must be a kaola If I'm not mistaken? Sweet shot by the way, it's amazing. Appics is really making the rounds

Yes a koala. Figured i might as well test it out before i bought any tokens :)

Oh yeah the apx token, so you're buying some?

thinking about it

Can i buy them with Steem?

yes on steem engine

That’s pretty Aussie of you 🇦🇺👌

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yeah :)

G'day mate long time no post I hope you and family are doing well. And yep it worked😀.

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yeah all good here. thanks :)

Beautiful my friend

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thanks csharma

I am happy to seeing you are here again welcome back sir very cute picture.

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yeah kinda like hiding out though. Maybe post again in a few months

Koala. I heard these animals are real assholes.

hahaha yeah probably, never lived with one so wouldn't know for sure

Good to see you back:)

thanks,had to give it a try

Why you flagged me 3 times ?

Considered it to be over rewarded content. Two times, not three. ( had changed the percentage of the first vote)

I didn't choose to be that rewarded or I didn't pay for that. Why you don't look at the work I do to promote steem ? Why you don't reward that so ?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

We all choose individually where we feel the set supply of daily rewards should go by upvotes and downvotes. both are important.

merry xmas clixmoney

I hope you will take a look at the work I do to promote steem anyway, without upvoting it. I just want you to know about what I'm doing, nothing else.

Wow, you took this pic in your front yard? That's awesome! A lot better scenery than I see from my front yard, lol!

yeah we live in a pretty cool place on the outskirts of town

yes it works...

it does! now just have to work out how to switch of the alerts :)

It’s pretty badass! I’m going to start using Appics way more 🤑

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didnt want to let you guys have all the fun. How do you log in easily without copy paste of password each time?

We want to see your post @michealb 💕💞♨️

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It’s works fine but after a few hours, I still have to log back in every time. I’ll ask the admins 😀

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I use LastPass

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

same, still a pain,

edit: oh i think i get ya, it should just pop up hmm.

It is still annoying as it pops up at weird times, but still easier than the cut and paste.

Welcome back @michealb
I see this post from you after a long time however you were here. Nice photo posting.

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thanks , gotta try out the new toys available on steem

Looks like it works. Cool photo!

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koala posed well for me :)

Lol. You are good to go brother 😄. I'm equally doing the testing too as well. Nice image

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

🐪🦛🐡🦐🐅😃😉🙂☃️ just seeing what stuff i can respond with from appics

Smile. Hahahaha. Okay I will go with this........😛🥦🌽🥕🍄🍓🍒🍎🍍🍌🌶️🍅🥬 Cos I'm a farmer and I love Agriculture so much. Greetings from Nigeria. Where you from?

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high, micheal! ;)

how you going trayan

...coping through everyday's illusional obstacles...
still finding the peace of soul...

here is some eucalyptus for your buddy! ;)
photo taken on the farm of Penamacor, Portugal > 7 years ago

Israel is full of eucalyptus trees, returning Jews planted them to dry out swamps and they're very good at it. It would be great if we had wild Koalas to go with them!.

I’ll send one in the post for you, have heaps of them 😀

Hi..... What a surprise! See a post of yours today.
and with a beautiful image ... it's that sweet Koala.
I tried to use appics, but it's just a mobile app ...
When the web version comes out, I will work on it. :)
However, I was able to withdraw the tokens they gave ... at least that's what the message told me. Hahaha.

Happy day!

happy day! same to you :)

It works 😩

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It does!

Awwwwwww ❤️

I wonder why you keep downvoting my posts?
How can you stop doing this?

stop farming rewards with automated stuff

I think the statistical and analytical reports on steem are very helpful for us to understand and use steem.

There's a lot of similar stuff on STEEM:

In addition, I spent a lot of time and energy to write and improve the scripts, I also pay $40 per month for steemsql
So I don't think it's a farming reward.

Maybe time to work on a better business model? Thanks for the similar stuff on steem, will take a look.

good to see you actively commenting :)

Can you suggest a better business model about steem?
I'm thinking about that, too
But no better idea was found.

On trending page(,these are lot of post like burnpost & sbdpotato
Do you think this is a better model?
Perhaps Yes, at least the curators can earn their curate rewards.

But for my post, your downvote made both the author & curators's rewards to 0.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

burn post and sbd potato - interesting concept. Not sure what i think

One reason for down votes, is to get curators to think about where they place their votes, make them work a bit , rather then set and forget.

Although I think these analyses are useful, from now on, I will suspend publishing them.
Of course, one important reason is that I can hardly afford to pay for STEEMSQL.😳
I will only keep a daily report for the #cn community for a while , I hope you can spare it.
Thank you, and wish you good luck.

Not been seeing you on discord. #showcasesunday, hahahaha. Lol , maybe I came late.

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Hope you like the App. BTW nice Koala

Can’t find the app for iOS. Is there no iOS version?

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i have it loaded on my i phone. Went to one of their last blogs on how to do it . need to download 'test flight' first

good start @michealb :) I know this app from @tomhall, he very consistent using this application. Blessing

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

help! i'm invisible.

Cool, good to see it it went through. Took this picture out the front of my house a few days ago.

I wish I had koalas roaming outside the front of my house. I just have suburbanites.

we have those suburbanite animals also