This account is for sale.

in antisocialist •  5 years ago 

@antisocialists has reserved this account for whomever makes us the first offer we can't refuse, and still look at ourselves in the mirror.

If that is you, please contact @freebornangel in the chat or on discord to make the arrangements for transfer of keys.

This art work is part of the deal.

Thanks to @skeptic.

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  ·  5 years ago (edited)

ok got them all done i think.

fixed messup


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e mailing them too.

Got some good art.

Thank you.

You got some "skillz" going on there my friend.


I offer to you my undying and unwaivering hatred of social constructs.

Now I got 2!

That's a good start, lets see if any other offers show up.

Afternoon freeborn people, what does the average account sell for? been after one for my wife, who keeps saying she is antisocial, and has nothing to say, so this would fit the bill for her :-) she will kill me for this.

We would be happy to set you up a savings account in your wife's name for 10steem.
We will delegate 100kmvests until the account becomes inactive or has ~500sp of it's own.
We only must know the account name, if it is available, and a way to send you the keys.
You may send us the username at TheFreeBornSociety at

Thanks for the offer my friend, though I just managed to set her up an account while she was at work, using her email and phone number, she is still going to murder me, I think :-)

Let us know if she has bandwidth issues,...

I will do, I guess she will, it is not very good for any of us newbies at the start, or maybe I just spend way too much time on here, not sure, have a fantastic day my friend.

Love the art @skeptic ...Regards @angryman Happy day.