Helping the Animals at the Zoo

in animals •  2 years ago 

Being a huge lover of animals I couldn't help but give some $ to the animals at the local zoo. Last week there was an article in the local news here soliciting donations to purchase food for the animals. Generally funded by ticket prices and parking, the animals have no source of income during Covid19 and the zoo doesn't buy expired meat from Walmart to feed their pets like Tiger King's Joe Exotic.

I've been to the Toronto Zoo quite a few times, the animals are well taken care of, the space is relatively adequate compared to most zoos; the educational value is priceless. People argue that zoos are wrong, without zoos many wouldn't care for animals, most of the creatures are well provided for given lovely habitats. I also see where my donations are going. Giving funds for conservation in another country may not go well when some local dictator burns down a few million acres of forest and steals the money. Unfortunately with growing human populations, we best learn how to preserve animals in the zoo because there may be no wild left in a century from now to reintroduce them to.


I already provide for one very well-fed cat, some creatures living in an aquarium and pay high taxes, why not help preserve threatened and endangered species?

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