Bringing Andrew Yang To The Steem Blockchain! @YANGSUPPORT

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We're currently trying to spread the word about Andrew Yang into the Steem blockchain. We need the Steem Power to be able to make this happen. This would allow us to post the images people are making and events people are holding.

This would give us the ability to curate on the campaign behalf as the community. At the minimum were in need of at least 250, Steem Power delegation would be enough but 1000 Steem Power would put us in a good place.

Any and all funds generated by the account will go into powering up the account, that way people can pull back their delegation as soon as possible.

Join us on our discord if you would like to help out

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Please do not use #sandiego tag unless your post has something to do with san diego or curators like @videosteemit will have to downvote it on . thanks

if you have an authentic NON forced association with San Diego, are from here, or something really to do with teh city you must make that clear in every post, and not with automated signatures either like some others just fyi, sorry, but good luck! I wish you the best of luck in your enterprise!

Sorry it was suggested to us we didn't know.

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its ok, just we have very small community that has to be prortected as its for locals and san diegor elated posts , so it just has to be san diego related

i ponce worked for dennis kucinish campaign in sandiego :D lol when i was 16 workin for kucinich campaign i think 2004? i got access to giant databass MAPS color coded as to which houses were democrats (so they knew which were republican by process of elimination lol)

Maybe a bunch of them are yanggang too.

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Please only use #sandiego tag for san diego related posts. thanks

Are you from the yang team at all?

No, we're a group of volunteers.