Have you heard about Amazon Freevee?

in amazon •  2 months ago 

I just read an email I received and it mentioned a free service from Amazon named Freevee. I had never heard about it before. It was described as a free streaming service from Amazon where material can be streamed without paying any sort of fee, besides your time as you will spend some extra minutes watching ads while watching a movie.

But, is Amazon Freevee just crap, or is there actual content worth streaming on the platform?


I quickly discovered that Amazon Freevee is only available in the USA, and that if you try to watch it abroad, you will receive a message that the content isn't available at your location. But, is it worth getting a VPN to stream the content on Amazon Freevee?

I was actually very surprised to discover that there are quite a lot of movies worth streaming with Amazon Freevee. For example, you can stream Deadpool 1 and Deadpool 2 on the platform, and those are real blockbuster movies starring Ryan Reynolds.

Then you have the Maze Runner movies which are awesome. I wrote an article dealing with how to watch Maze Runner on Netflix years ago, and it still has lots of readers today. The only sad thing is that Maze Runner has been removed from Netflix, meaning that they are looking for it in vain. So, maybe the same readers should consider getting Freevee instead and stream Maze Runner there?

All in all, Amazon Freevee came as a positive surprise to me and I believe there is content there for mostly everyone. If you don't like the action and brutality of Deadpool, and you don't like the zombies in Maze Runner, why don't you sing along with Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia instead? There are many opportunities on Amazon Freevee, so check it out for yourself!

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