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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #amazingnature with
thanks to @adalger

Waterfalls are always a big attraction to people. Doesn't matter
their volume, or height, like a magnet they draw people to them.
This first pic is from a jungle in Cuba, the next is....
Cuba 08 099 (2).jpg

Johnson Canyon in Alberta, Canada.

photo (2)aaaa.JPG


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A frozen waterfall !! .. that is soo cool ;) .. I really like that picture. I never saw a frozen one before in my life ^^

Thank you, what is cooler they put on cleats and use ice picks and climb up to the top... I’ll try and find a pic of it for next week...

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This sounds quite like an adventure ^^ climbing up a waterfall !! .. hehe ;)


Hehe, this is great ^^ .. must be very cold up there in canada ;) .. climbing during thosevweather conditions must be extreme !

Nice to watch, but I would never do it... lol

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Waterfalls are truely amazing and both photos are fantastic. You are right, waterfalls will always attract people.

Thank you, I appreciate your kind comments...even frozen they attract people.. lol

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These two photos are really amazing nature and i enjoy it.