Don't miss out on the first $NFT airdrop/snapshot tomorrow!

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Tomorrow at 12:00 UTC a snapshot will be made recording your TRX, JST, and BTT holdings in your private Tron wallet, or if you hold such tokens at exchanges such as Huobi, Poloniex, and now also Binance. Yes, Binance just released the news about the fact that they will support the airdrop, so if you hold your Tron tokens at Binance, you will also be able to enjoy the airdrop of $NFT tokens!

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About the airdrop!

Airdrops are cool, but I always dislike it when they require you to give away your email address, and to follow all sorts of Twitter channels, to follow Telegram channels, and to like and retweet and do all sorts of tasks.

For that reason, I am very happy about this airdrop, because the real goal of the airdrop is to spread the tokens to more people. The only requirement you need to fulfill in order to be a part of the drop is to hold more than 100 TRX tokens, and/or more than 100 JST tokens, and/or more than 2000 BTT tokens in your Tron wallet, or at an exchange like Poloniex, Huobi, Bibox, or Binance.

This isn't the only airdrop

The first and the biggest airdrop will be based on the snapshot made on June 10th at 12:00 UTC, but there will also be additional airdrops on the 10th of each month until June 10th in 2023.

Ps: The Tron rewards that you earn on Steemit are automatically added to your Tron wallet. In other words, if you have more than 100 TRX tokens on your Tron address, you should receive the $NFT tokens as well!

Are you ready? The tokens will most likely not be worth a lot, but considering that we really get them for free without doing anything, it is still a cool little ride worth enjoying!

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