AI Apocalypse on the Blockchain

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Max and I recently attended TNABC in Miami. The official after parties at the event became quite controversial on social media, we, nevertheless, met so many cool people during the day time events that we hadn't ever previously met before on the crypto world conference circuit.

Maja Vujinovic of OGroupLLC is one of them. This is a fantastic interview and we really could have interviewed her for another two or three episodes as she is a fountain of AI and blockchain knowledge. Watch it and leave your comments below:

In the interview with Maja, Max mentions Elon Musk's dire warning to the world about Artificial Intelligence. Here's a Vanity Fair profile on his quest to stop the 'AI apocalypse'.

If Musk is right, then the next question is: will blockchain deliver the economy and the rails for that autonomous AI economy to thrive without us?
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You're back : ) Steemit is rocking now. Maja is the AI overlord... she wants to cut the semen! Thank you guys for the warning!

Another great and entertaining episode!

Been watching your Miami shows this past week Stacy and man Max had me in stitches, especially when talking about the British "Only Fools and Horses" public the other day. He nailed it. You are the perfect person for him to bounce those one liners off of because you hold your own so well on the subject matter at hand and always give him that knowing smile back and redirect the conversation on track. :) I could watch you and Max all day because when he throws out those quips they are truly brilliant and spectacularly funny. I'm born in England myself so I know what he means. I used to watch old Delboy on "Only Fools and Horses" and they definitely named that show appropriately to match the misguided public's mindset of thinking "robbery is to be applauded". Hence their love for the thieving royal family, which Max so rightly points out.

LOL. We've received so much feedback about the Only Fools and Horses comment! Must discuss Delboy more often . . .

Best interview I’ve watched this year .Max at his very best and a very funny and talented Maja Vujinovic ..

We gotta get you guys on Dtube!!!

Thanks for the video upload. It's a great interview

How can any one take Paul Krudman serious?

One can't.

Personally, I find his comments highly profitable when multiplied by -1. They are that consistent.

After missing the internet vs. the fax, I mean come on man. I'd never take his analysis on tech as legit anyhow. Paul Krudman is so full of crap that Tom Woods has to spend time every week flushing it. I find it amazing that Mr. Kudman can still offer his openion & folks will give him the time of day...they must use it as comic relief!

wow this is really informative
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing

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Max, bring back plucky the rubber chicken!

thanks for new update in your video... your video is so amazing. ... i impressed to see your post...

I love this show. I only wish it were longer!

But that would then take up all our free time! :D

I'm glad you guys are covering this.

Best financial show out there

Can you do a segment on tether?

@keiserreport Hi Max and Stacey...please post to Dtube as well!!