NEW ICO TemboCoin (TMB) the cryptocurrency of the world from AFRICA.

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The genesis of TemboCoin took place in TANZANIA. The service aims to bring cryptocurrencies as payments for tourism and wild animals keeping. At TMB, we strive to deliver a unique and innovative Blockchain-based solution to transactional problems in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Founded in 2018, TMB enables hassle-free to-and-fro switching between decentralized and centralized tourism engagements and payments, giving greater capacity to cryptocurrency investors to run tour in any country across AFRICA and the word at large with affordable price and fast transaction.
TMB will partner with other financial institutions around the world to create a global, reliable and recognizable brand.

Moreover, TMB is an ERC20 based coin made under ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN.


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Great project

thanks boss, welcome to join the move, crypto is power


Nice one, God bless this project.

more options more expansion

nice coin

Big project

Lets proud with our African CryptoCurrency for Tourism and wild animals activities.

yes boss thanks and welcome too.

Good project

Nice duties