Staying Level Headed!😀...............My Actifit Report Card: Sept 30 2022

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Staying Level Headed!😊
When it comes to fitness, pacing yourself, is one way ………….
Having a daily fitness goal, is an excellent way to improve your health. Just make sure you gradually increase your workouts, so not to overdo those muscles !😇
Silvertop hurt his back years ago.
One of the reasons I am so passionate about hiking, and Actifit, is that I have seen dramatic improvements in my health from my daily hikes!😊
Each week I make comments to Actifit users to help encourage them as well!🤗
Health is truly wealth my friends!😊
With extreme fear in the Crypto and Stock markets, you can use this same analogy……..
Stay Level Headed my friends!
“ No financial advice”, but we have seen these cycles many times before!😇
DJIA …….Down another 500 points today!😮
Bitcoin……….. Holding at $19,373……….🤗
Silver……..Silvertop’s favorite, at $19.02 😊
Keep your powder dry, and remember to take care of your health………….
Step outside for some healthy fitness steps, the weekend is here!🤗
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Hiking is good for you! Not only does it improve your health, but also lowers stress! Now, if it would just cure headaches!


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