Light the Way!!😀...............My Actifit Report Card: Sept 26 2022

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Light the Way!😊
How quickly the days have become shorter!😮
Most days now, when I write my post, it’s already dark outside…….
Depending on the elevation you are at, you can see dry dusty fields like the second and third photo taken up at Kendall yesterday………
Or in the following photos, green and lush Mountains, with the colors starting to change on the trees, that we saw on our hike today!😊
Our youngest called us, just when we started today’s hike………
Bill is much closer to the “Bolt Creek” Forest Fire that started two to three weeks ago. We were just talking to a friend as Church yesterday, and he was saying that they were about to open up the mountain pass to auto traffic.
Today our son Bill stated that they never opened the pass, it has been shut for aprox three weeks, and they are warning residents that the fire danger level has increased!😲
The reason the Mountain pass was closed, was that burning pine trees along the road were falling onto the road!😳
They are now telling people it will take rain, or snow to end this Forest Fire that continues to burn with only 5% under control!
Thankfully the majority of this fire is burning deep into The wilderness!
Mom and Dad were almost to the “High Trail”, a steep climb……😅
Talking with Bill on speakerphone, he could hear we were climbing a steep hill!
“Mom and Dad, maybe you guys should stop and rest for a bit!”🥰

Lol……. our thirty four year old son is worried about his Parents Lol!
“Son we hike this everyday!”😇🥰
Up top it was smoky, check out @elizabethbit post today, she snapped a photo while Silvertop was reassuring Bill that Mom and Dad were OK!🥰
Summer is back for the moment, and we were both feeling today’s heat as we climbed!
“Silvertop when we get home, turn on the A/C , is it really September Lol!”😅
Cooler weather is just around the corner Honey, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊

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Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

I was very thankful for the AC today! Add that to a mocha frappe, and all is well with the world! 💖💖😘🤗