Let There Be Light!😀..........My Actifit Report Card: Sept 18 2022

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Let there be light!!😊
“Silvertop no one can see the words on the projector screen!”😲
Liz and Silvertop lead Worship this morning, the music went very well!😊
That’s when Shelly the lady that was running the live Facebook broadcast told Liz the words were being washed out by the light in the room!😳
Hmmm……. they just put in new frosted windows at Church, and removed the very old single pane stained glass.
It was a shame to remove the stained glass, I hope someone saved it!
Now we have bright light streaming in and making the Worship words unreadable!
Sounds like we need some sort of shade’s on the windows near the stage!😇
Bright light……….
After Church we ran to town to look for lights……..
Nope, not photo number two Lol, it’s way to early for Christmas!🤣
Now that’s more like it, it is still Fall….
“Honey your not buying more Pumpkins are you Lol”?🤣🥰
Today we were shopping for new lights for our house at Home Depot.😊
The four photo………
“Hmmm…….. I really don’t think that’s Mountain home décor Liz!”😳
The fifth photo, now that works!
Liz is happy, these have what they call “Seeded Glass”.
The Mrs is going to put “Edison” bulbs in these new wall lanterns. Silvertop will install these on our back patio door’s, to light up trips to the wood shed!
Shorter days are coming my friends, enjoy the Sunshine, and …………
“Silvertop will leave the light on”!😊
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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You can never have too many pumpkins! 🎃🎃🎃🎃 After the hike tomorrow, we will go get more!

I like the seeded glass on the light fixtures. I might would like a window made that way as well for the bathroom! Think we can find that? 😁🤗😘💞

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