Just Don't Take A Photo Of 😀............My Actifit Report Card: Sept 24 2022

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Just don’t take a photo of ………🤣
“Can I take a picture of your door Mike?”😇
“Anything but me Silvertop Lol!🤣
Today’s hike was going to be a quick hike with Liz up to Tim’s off Friday cabin, at the “High Trail”. The Mrs and Silvertop are installing the new sound system at Church, and the plan was to hike first, then run to Church!
That’s when we passed Mike and Joan hard at work at their Yurt!
I was being a photography paparazzi , and Mike heard my iPhone camera snapping photos in the forest……..
“Silvertop come take a look inside my bathroom!”😊
Mike is a furniture maker at heart, and it shows with the high gloss wainscoting inside this bathroom outbuilding!
Beautiful Mike, no one will want to leave the bathroom Lol!🤣
If you ever wondered about the composting toilet, I snapped a photo………..……..
I think it’s empty!😳
We hiked onward and found my friend at the tiny house hard at work outside building a wood shed.
“ How expense is lumber now?”
“Expensive Silvertop!”😲
Onward uphill we hiked, and then we ran into Lynne, she had parked her bright red Tesla at the garden.
Lynne told us that on sunny days she was able to charge her and Keith’s Tesla off grid from Solar power, but most days they drive down to their condo in town to charge it up!
“Wow Liz we keep running into neighbors, we need to hurry to have time to work on the Churches sound system!
Finally at Church we started working……..
We were able to hookup and test the Pastors wireless mic, and start adding other equipment.
I made a list of parts and equipment that we will need for next Saturdays work. I figure 3-4 more Saturdays and this installation will be completed!😊
“Liz that was a full day, I’m beat!”😅
I’m calling it a day, how about you!🥰
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Hmmmm........I'm thinking 2 maybe 3 more weekends. I think it will go quicker than you think!

It was nice to see everybody out enjoying the wonderful fall weather! 🍁🍁🍁


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