BREAK THOSE CHAINS!😀...............My Actifit Report Card: Oct 2 2022

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Break those Chains!!😊
Sunday, and the weekend, how nice is that!🤗
“Is it time for today’s hike Liz?”🥰
Time to break free and enjoy the Mountains!
No rain in sight yet………….😲
From our Church parking lot this morning, you have the Mountain view that you can see in the second photo!😮
The Forest fires are still raging!
Kurt my neighbor had his flatbed trailer loaded up with three water tanks………
He has many animals, and I wonder if his water well is running dry!😳
Down in the valley they just cut hay again, and the fields are lush and green!
It’s amazing how different trees are starting to drop leaves for Fall, and other trees are still green!🤔
The second to last was taken up on our trail, just before we start the the steep uphill hike!😅
Other spots in the forest are already bare…….
Sunday always has Silvertop anxious to get outside……..
Today being the beginning of October I spent some extra time on the computer at lunch claiming my October “Air Drop” of LARYNX tokens in my wallet DEX , at DLUX.IO
You can then power up and Delegate these “Free” tokens.
Then they will earn SPK dividends automatically!🤗
Even in a tough Bear market you can still earn……..How nice is that!😊
Enjoy Sunday……
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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It was a very nice day, albeit a bit too warm for my taste! Where is the Fall? 🍁🍁🍁🍁


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