Are You Feeling Stressed!!😳...............My Actifit Report Card: Sept 28 2022

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Are you feeling stressed?😳
Is it time for a couple of shots!😊
Yep……. It’s always time for two more espresso shots!😇
I stopped to talk to my friend at the tiny house as I started today’s hike………..
“Silvertop the forest is stressed, I am hoping for some rain!”😮
Liz was just telling me that the chances of rain is diminishing after today!😲
You can see clouds, and just enough rain to wet the roads in the last two photos!
As I type my post, the Sun is back out, and my Solar array is topping up my off grid battery bank!😎
We do need the rain………..
Take a look at last year’s photo versus this year‘s photo in number two and three.😲
We had very nice Fall color in the second photo…….
This year same spot, same time of year, in the third photo! The leaves are gray and falling off the trees!😳
Same for the following two photos of my creek.
Last year it was flowing fast, this year it is bone dry!😮
I hiked to the ridge top and stopped…….
A very light rain started.
I always carry a backpack with a raincoat……….
No, not today it was good to feel a little rain.😅
By the time I hiked back downhill it had stopped and the Sun was shining!😎
I’ll just leave that raincoat in my backpack………….
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊

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We surely need that rain! I know when it does finally get here, we will wish it hadn't, but also, the longer it waits, the more damage will occur with the windstorms we normally get! That's a whole another story! I like last year's photo better! 🤗😘💖